21 Day Challenges

21 Day English Challenge - Pronunciation

In this intensive program, you'll improve your English pronunciation, articulation and fluency and develop the habit of daily practice.  

How it works​:

  • You'll receive a daily email with a video lesson or practice drill.

  • You’ll have 24 hours to complete the lesson and upload your video.

  • In response, I’ll send you detailed personal feedback. 

  • We’ll meet in a weekly live group class for more personal coaching. 

  • We’ll measure your level at the beginning and at the end of the intensive so that you can see how much you’ll improved!



  • Daily lessons and daily feedback 

  • Weekly group classes with personal coaching

  • Support and accountability to help you stay on track

  • Pronunciation video lessons you download and keep forever

Price:  £75 

21 Day English Challenge - Grammar

In this intensive program you’ll improve your English grammar and written fluency and develop the habit of daily practice. 

How it works​:

  • Every day, via email, you’ll receive a lesson on a grammar point.

  • You’ll have 24 hours to complete the exercises and upload your written homework to the Drive. 

  • I’ll provide detailed feedback and comments on your work with what you need to improve and guidance on how to progress. 

  • We’ll meet in a weekly live group class for more personal coaching. 



  • Build a solid foundation of grammatical knowledge so that you can write and speak correctly and fluently.

  • Detailed, personal feedback and lessons on how to progress further.

  • Support, guidance and accountability to stay on track to reaching your goals.

Price:  £75 

" What did I enjoy the most about the 21 Day Challenge? The constant practice with the correct guidance, because they say that practice makes perfect, but if you practice it wrong you will be perfectly wrong, and it will be hard to change later. I liked so much how working on the minimal steps every day gave a big result in the end!"

- Paulo Henrique, Brazil

The course has been designed thoroughly. It's what I was looking for a while. The teacher, Alicia is an experienced coach and knew what I need step by step, day by day. Daily lessons and personalized feedback helped me to correct my pronunciation errors right away.


After 21 days, I made huge improvements. I didn't think that I could get there so quickly. I strongly recommend this course to anybody who speaks English as a second language. If I can do it, you can do it too. You are in good hands! 

- Dung Le Quoc, Vietnam

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